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variable bit rate (VBR)

A type of compression wherein certain audio sections are encoded at different bit rates so that complex sounds are encoded at a higher rate while simple sounds are encoded at a lower rate, as opposed to standard bit rate encoding. This means you get the best sound possible for a certain amount of disk space, but certain players occasionally have problems decoding VBR audio files.

Video for Windows (VFW)

Video for Windows, or VFW, is the multimedia technology that ships as part of Windows 95. It can be added to earlier versions of Windows when you install a CD-ROM title or other program that uses VFW. Its playback files have the extension .avi and can be played using Windows' Media Player. Since the files are large, they are often compressed using a codec. Video for Windows is one of three video technologies used on personal computers. (The others are MPEG and QuickTime.)


A feature or plug-in in a software audio player that renders shapes and colors in sync with the music.


VOC is an audio file format developed by Creative Labs for use with the earliest Sound Blaster cards under DOS. With the continued preeminence of Windows, the VOC file format has lost much ground to the Windows-native WAV file format.

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