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DAT (Digital Audio Tape)

A small cassette that records and plays back audio digitally, at CD quality and better.

DRM (Digital Rights Management)

A secure technology which enables the copyright owner of a piece of intellectual property (such as a music, video, or text file) to specify what a user can do with it. Typically, this is used to offer downloads without having to worry that the user is freely distributing the file over the Web without any compensation to the copyright holder.

DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

The (usually real-time) processing of an audio signal in such a way that it sounds different from the original. Examples include: bass boost; 3D simulation; and Rock, Jazz, and Classical presets.

DVD (digital versatile disc)

Originally referred to as digital video discs, these high-capacity optical discs are now used to store everything from massive computer applications to full-length movies. While similar in physical size and appearance to a compact disc or a CD-ROM, DVD is a huge leap from its predecessor's 650MB of storage. A standard single-layer, single-sided DVD can store a whopping 4.7GB of data. But it doesn't stop there--DVD also has a two-layer standard that boosts the single-sided capacity to 8.5GB. And there's more! DVDs can be double-sided, ramping up the maximum storage on a single disc to 17GB. Unfortunately, to use DVDs, you'll have to buy a new drive, but that new hardware will also read your older CD-ROMs and audio CDs.

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